Sassista’s mugshot


The purpose of Sassistas!TM is to dole out sassy and stimulating perspectives on the weird and wonderful incongruities of life . . . or what we prefer to call our social soup. From the ridiculous to the sublime, from the stupid to the miraculous — we’re all swimming in it. Let’s make it easier to swallow.

Who We Are

Combine the following three ingredients:

  1. Long-term experience in corporate America;
  2. The encouragement of loved ones;
  3. The need for expression; and . . .
…you have the perfect recipe for The Sassistas!TM: Our dish on the social soup.

The Sassistas!TM are Flannista and Matissta, two women whose work in corporate America compelled them to find a creative outlet to keep their sanity, or "sassity," as they prefer to call it. Also, we had friends who told us we needed to preserve our brand of humor and sass for herstory. Last, we just plain can't shut up about the quirks in society.

Flannista (in our mug shot, she’s the Trouble Maker on the left) is the pessimistic Sassista!TM who always sees her mug as half-empty. Her matron saint is Flannery O'Connor. Her current view on life is best expressed in the cartoon below.


[January 2008, Funny Times, Harry Bliss ( and]



Matissta (in our mug shot, she’s the Innocent Bystander on the right) is the optimistic Sassista!TM and always sees her mug as half-full. Her name was inspired by the artist, Matisse, who said:

An artist must possess Nature. He must identify himself with her rhythm, by efforts that will prepare the mastery which will later enable him to express himself in his own language.

The Sassistas!TM is one of Matissta's languages.