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September 20, 2011


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If you wanted to go out in a blaze of glory, how would you go?


Thanks noway, what a great way to start my day!

Flann, I'll answer your question like the one my kids just asked me about my dream "fantasy" job: race car driver, of course!


Thanks for watching the video, babysis. I think it's a hoot.

Of course, I would like to go out saving someone's life or something unlikely such as that, but being swept away by a rogue wave during a storm on my beloved Lake Michigan seems an appropriate way for me to go out in a blaze of glory.


I'd pick traveling in Tibet ... without a tour. Low oxygen and no sanitation or western medicine, but with kind people and incomparable scenery.


Love your answer, PEACEsista.

Who wouldn't want to die without the companionship of kind people and incomparable scenery?


babysis and PEACE both of your responses are so fitting.

Flann, Lake Michigan? Don’t forget the classical quartet playing alongside of the water to add to the dramatic moment.

In my younger days, I would have answered very differently. I guess I feel I got a lot out of my system so my answers are tamed.

The extreme answer: hang gliding or paragliding.

The mild answer: traveling/hiking to see the most beautiful spots on earth. And of course, good food along the way.


Yeah, my ending would have to be dramatic, Matissta, given my drama queen tendencies.

On a sadder note, today would have been the 55th birthday of our dear friend, Gwendolyn. I don't know if she went out in a blaze of glory (who knows what she saw?), but both PEACEsista and I are thinking a lot about her today. Both of us have been in contact with Robin as well, who understandably remains completely heartbroken.


I think that I'll take, (like I gotta choice), whatever blaze of glory comes my way as long as I'm not choking on a ham sandwich or sitting on the toilet. I wouldn't mind going full-tilt-boogey on a snowmobile up around the continental divide. That's the closest I've got to feeling like I was rubbing elbows with the angels.

Babysis, betterhalf and I have wondered how fast you would've topped out at, had she taken you to that Richard Petty racing experience. I'm thinkin that you had something else to do that day. Still--the thought of the glassy-eyed soccer mom blistering along that roadway is a little sexy to me.


Meant to say that some broads ain't built for mini-vans.


I knew that's what you meant, Carolyn, but it's VERY sexy to me, though you couldn't pay me enough to get into a fast car.

I remember the time noway took Matiss and I out on a Wyoming back road to rev up his Mustang. He was going about 110 mph. Matiss was hootin' and hollerin'. I was, well, screaming in the back seat. When he finally slowed down, I said, trying to be hip: "Okay, now let's go to a mall parking lot and do donut holes."

Yeah, I actually said that.


Thanks, too, for reminding me that I wouldn't want to die on the toilet, either. Or screaming in the back seat of a car.


Yeah, but he didn't know that you meant of the 'dunkin'' kind.


Thanks for understanding what I meant about donut holes, Carolyn. Only we poets get it, ya know?


I LOVE this: "I wouldn't mind going full-tilt-boogey on a snowmobile up around the continental divide. That's the closest I've got to feeling like I was rubbing elbows with the angels."

Just love it.


Well, screaming in the FRONT seat of a car ain't such a sweet thought, either. I am an exceptionally boring driver, going my max 5 miles an hour over the speed limit. But put me out on the range and I'll fly with the best of 'em. I think that I would've been all spitless whoop riding with noway, though I prefer driving.

By the way, love the post. Good find.


Your writin' most often leaves me spitless, Carolyn.

Yeah, the video was a good find and the Sassistas! appreciate noway sending it our way.

Also, like you, I never drive more than five miles an hour over the speed limit. I've only ever gotten one speeding ticket -- it was sent to my house. A radar caught my car speeding in downtown DC. I couldn't believe that I had been speeding, so I checked my diary for that day . . . that day, I loaned my car to Matissta.


"Loaned" your car? You were sitting right next to me, albeit you were probably telling me to slow down.

I will never live that ticket down. It still makes me chuckle.


I was probably screaming, too, Matissta.


Yeah. Screaming for donut holes.


Oh, great . . . I die in a fast-moving car screaming for donut holes.

I'd rather die on the toilet.


Just read that a successful suicide bomber in Afghanistan hid the explosives in his turban. That's going out in a blaze of glory, I guess.


Great post today. Love the comments: race cars, rogue waves on beloved Lake Michigan (Lake Michigan, Flann? What, pray tell, makes Lake Michigan beloved?), traveling in Tibet, hiking on a cuisine tour, going full-tilt boogie on a snowboard.

Mine? Horseback riding down the trails into the hoodoos of Bryce Canyon.



Damn, treesta. Hitch me a horse, too. I'm goin' wid ya.



Damn, treesta, a horse? How about an air conditioned dune buggy?

Loved the additional comments today, altho Carolyn WOULD have to remind me of the day I missed the RP Driving Exp. with her betterhalf. I think that was in my former life when I was unable to tell my spouse to shove it, but maybe I just had something else to do that day, can't remember which. But same spouse thought today's post was pretty damn funny.

Matiss, I ALWAYS hear your voice in your writing. Love it.

Flann, thanks again for talking to my boy via phone today. He thinks you are awesome. And you are.


Wish I had read your comment before going to bed last night, babybsis. I would have slept much better.

I love your kids. They popped out of you after all, a friend who thinks I'm awesome AND can tell me to shove it. Can't have a better friend than that.

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