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February 15, 2012


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Look at that face! Look at that face!

Malachy, spelled with an "i" is a book in the Old Testament, but spelled this way means "my messenger".

What's the message?


I've been watching the Westminster Dog Show for several years -- and this parTICular dog was very popular the last couple of years. Everyone was pulling for Malacy this year. Here's his official "trophy" photo. He could fit into that cup:



Please note that Malachy's full name is "Ch Palacegarden Malachy."

Now's as good a time as any to let you all know that my real name is Anastasia Flannery Nikelaevna. I just shorten it to Flannista.


Here's a link to a video showing the ACTUAL moment Malachy won -- you get to see the other dogs competing with him. I fell asleep, of course, before the winner was announced, but was pulling for either the Irish Setter or the Dalmatian.


I'm trying to picture nowayasista walking Malachy every morning.

Big round of sass to Matissta, who after a loooong night of school, came home and did this entire post. Thank you, Matiss!


I missed the dog show this year. Personally, I'd of been rooting for the wire-haired dachsund.

Also, I always enjoy watching the human owners running around the rink as much as I do the dogs.


Good morning, treesta!

I loved that wire-haired dachshund, too. I seemed to love every dog except Malachy. Not that I didn't like him, but I think that pets ought to be about more than display.

Is that mean of me to think that?

By the way, the official name of the wire-haired dachshund is: "GCH Raydachs Playing With Fire V Gleishorbach SW". I'm serious. I'm hoping he went by "Ray".


Malachy's owners said last evening that Malachy would now retire to the life of a house pet and would NOT be available for commercials or advertisements.

They should rethink that. Malachy's got this product written all over him:



I, too, think pets should be about more than display, but then again I do believe Trixie wouldn't make it in the door of the Westminister Dog Club. Can you just see the owner of the Pekingese flinch in horror as Trixie yips and wiggles her way to try and break her way in the door?

The first dachsund we had as children was a purebred with a name longer than she. We shortened the name to Briggs. She was the best dog. Goodness, could she run. With her ears flopping back in the wind, and her little legs just a blur of motion.


"Blur of motion" is nice, treesta.

And let's hear it for Trixie! She's got it ALL OVER Malachy in terms of personality -- which is what really counts in my dog book. Malachy stuck his tongue out a lot which is about as emotional as he got . . . and let's face it, just isn't POLITE in public.

Still he wins Best in Show. Go figure.


Oh dear.

Here's a photo of Malachy actually SITTING IN the trophy:



About Malachy, the judge for Best in Show said: "There's a lot of dog in a small package."

Doesn't she mean a lot of hair?

Does anyone know the evolutionary purpose of so much hair on the Pekingese? It's a serious question. I think.


The message? Canine genetics gone awry. Good thing Malachy will fit in a cup. What the heck else would you do with that dog? Perhaps Diesel could show it how to chase down rabbits in the snow.


I admit it. I'm more partial to medium and large size dogs. I don't understand the "toy" dogs. However, I would consider getting a dachshund. That wired-haired dachshund was so damn cute!

The Irish Setter was also a magnificent dog, http://www.westminsterkennelclub.org/2012/photos/group/SR38276909.html

My first thought when I saw that Malachy had won? Those are the type of dogs Huck loves to chase. He gets them confused with the other small mammals he's supposed to hunt down.


Six new breeds were added to the competition this year, http://www.westminsterkennelclub.org/2012/show/news/newbreed_091211.html

Check out the last one. The coat looks like leather.


Shot of Oban for anyone in the sassosphere who can pronounce the official name of the breed of Leather Dog (referred by Matiss in her previous comment):



I think the Pekingnese is really Cousin It's grandbaby on a leash.

The new leather dog is the national dog of Mexico and was used by the Aztecs. It's name means "the dog of Xolotl, the god of bad luck and fire. Xolotl was Quetzacoatl's twin brother and exact opposite.


Dog Shows make me feel creepy in the same way that Little Miss Beauty Pageants do (the ones where the pre-schoolers are in make-up with their hair coifed in a perfect "Barbie" style.) There is nothing natural about either one of them. I know that dogs and kids are bred and raised for such events, but honestly it is all for the glory and honor of the owners and parents. No kid or dog would choose it over playing with friends.

I'm sure the purists would maintain that such shows assure continuation of the breed and boost its popularity, etc, etc, but it seems that breeding the dogs (a more natural act) would do that, too.

I am a bad judge of such things, though. I am a HUGE fan of mutts and have owned six dogs as an adult, four from shelters and two from the "accidental" litters of friends and neighbors. I wish they'd have an event featuring the best homeless dogs available for adoption nationwide.


half-a: I had forgotten about Cousin It. Brilliant comparison:


So how do I actually pronounce XOLOITZCUINTLI?

A limerick, please.


I hear ya, PEACEsista.

I think ALL beauty pageants are creepy -- even the ones for adults and grandmothers and their little dogs, too.

For some reason, I've always liked watching farm animals being judged at country fairs. I hope there's a difference between those shows and these beauty contests, but there's probably not.

You have to admit, don't you, that the Westminster Dog Show doesn't put animals in nearly as much danger as say, rodeos?


Perhaps the closest thing America has to a national event featuring homeless dogs is Animal Planet's annual "Puppy Bowl" always shown on Super Bowl afternoon. All the puppies in it are up for adoption. True, they're adorable because they are puppies -- all of them mutt puppies -- but there is a consistent message throughout the show that many, many dogs and cats need homes.


Agreed, dog shows are less dangerous for the animals ... at least during the competition ... not so sure about the long-term effects, though. Also, football is more dangerous to humans than chess, but I know which competition I'd rather watch.


Malachy didn't come across as that interesting in the show (although I only saw clips), but he (she?) was on Morning Joe and I thought he was a cutie. I'm sure Malachy is as good at snuggling and playing and everything else the other show dogs are good at.

Yeah, I don't really get the whole "best of breed" thing either. I think its weird to have a standard of perfection for a creature (or human being). But that's not Malachy's fault. He's just along for the ride.


Okay, here's something that occurred to me. While watching Malachy in the news, I started to think about Sophie Grace and Rosie -- those little beauty queens adored by Ellen and the world. There's something about keeping them in those crowns and fluffy dresses that's beginning to concern me:



There, I said it.


I'd comment further, but "Ellen" is almost on here on the East Coast.

I've got my priorities.


Am I jealous of Sophie Grace and Rosie?


I kinda which I could sit around in a silver bowl all day, someone combing my hair.

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