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April 23, 2012


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Ya gotta love a town where a story like this not only makes the front page, but also involves a ribbon-cutting ceremony attended by our county's council member.


Please share front-page news like this from your hometown, though the Sassistas! realize that it will be difficult to top this news.


While not nearly as prestigious as the Restroom Ribbon Cutting Ceremony, this is a yearly front page article in the Chesapeake Bay area:


Even Governor O'Malley got in on the act, spouting blue crab statistics like he actually knew them, “Overall our female population remains above the safe threshold level. This kind of variation level is not out of the ordinary … we’re optimistic that our record juvenile population will bring better news next year in terms of these spawning-age females.”


And here's a headline from a local paper in Chambersburg, PA. (I used to read this paper every time I visited my grandparents.):

Franklin County Dairy Princess Pageant scheduled for May 11

FRANKLIN COUNTY - The Franklin County Dairy Promotion Committee will host its 45th annual Franklin County Dairy Princess Pageant at 7 p.m. May 11 in Kauffman Ruritan Community Center, 7289 Ruritan Drive.

The 2011-12 Dairy Princess Renee Grove will crown a new princess, and a promotion team will be recognized.

A family-style meal of chicken and ham will be served. The cost is $15 a person, $8 for children ages 6-12 and free for ages 5 and younger.

Reservations are due May 7. Call Patty Hege at 375-2811 or 729-6306.


I don't know, treesta -- I think the Franklin County Dairy Princess Pageant story trumps the Restroom Rescue story. Man, I'm so tempted to actually drive up there and see that thing.

Also, are you certain the Governor knew what females he was spewing stats about?

Thanks for getting into the spirit of this post, by the way.


I am certain that O'Malley had NO idea what females he was spewing stats about. Chuckle.

I also have no doubt that the Franklin County Dairy Princess Pageant is a big deal in rural PA. After spending a day with you and Matiss watching the talent show for the Miss Greenbelt Pageant, I thought you might like the Dairy Princess Pageant news.

I love small town local papers. Just love 'em.




CHEYENNE -- A plan to use the former county public works building to house the Laramie County Fire District 1 station may go up in flames.

(This plan involved an expensive remodel, as the Greenbelt restrooms did, only in this case, they neglected to raise public awareness. Pretty funny actually that you would raise it for $$ for a toilet, but not for a fire station!)


From the Slippery Rock (my hometown) University paper this morning:

“Life isn’t always the party we’d hoped for, but while we are here…might as well dance!”

This quote from YouTube sensation Judson Laipply – the star of “Evolution of Dance,” a video with over 190 million hits – was shared with SRU students Wednesday evening in the University Union MPR, just before Laipply performed his YouTube-famous routine for the Slippery Rock campus.
WOW -- look at the celebrities my home town can attract!

Sista C

The 'Tylertown Times', (in Mississippi), always drops a line when somebody from out of town visits. My dad used to mail me the paper that printed the week after I'd gone to see them. I think that it tickled him to see my name in print. There was once an article about my uncle, (a judge there), and how he enjoyed the state fair in Jackson when he travelled there for 'judge school'. Never fails to be pictures of every deer or other critter killed next to it's killer, especially if it's a young boy and it's his first 'kill'. But none of this tops your local paper's restroom renovation, Flann.


I'm certain that the "Tylertown Times" has given our hometown paper a run for its money at times, Sista C -- for one thing, there ain't never been no pictures of dead critters next to killers. That's somethin' -- though I do think the Restroom Rescue is going to be hard to top.


I'm thinking this article ought to be short-listed for the Pulitzer in Breaking News.

Agree? Disagree?


Ummm ... Went to the Newseum yesterday, which I really enjoyed. Must go back, 'cause I ran out of time ... but, it's my hunch that none of the stories and photos mentioned here will be winning a Pulitzer. There is, however, a good chance to get recognition in the Women's room of the Newseum, where all the misprints and absurd quotes are memorialized on ceramic tile for all to contemplate. They don't miss ANY chance to give you the news!


The closest thing my hometown has to a local newspaper is The Long Islander. In its masthead is an image of Walt Whitman, who was born in my town.

In this week's paper, the cover story announces the new shops who will join the Mall named after Walt. A great honor. Shopping is very big on LI. What better way to pay tribute to a local boy who becomes one of the most famous poets of all time.


BTW PEACE, the Newseum is one of our favorite museums. A bit pricey but well worth the trip. Flann and I spent 4 hours there once and still needed more time. It's just so fascinating.


I agree -- the Newseum is amazing. Glad you got to see it, PEACE.


Looks like my hometown had a big weekend:

AKC Dog show debuts in Sebring this weekend


Special to the News-Sun

SEBRING -- The annual Heartland Dog Club Inc. AKC-Licensed dog shows will be held at the new location in the Highlands County Fairground Convention Center, 781 Magnolia Ave., on Saturday and Sunday with judging starting at 8 a.m.

This event is open to the public. Entry is free and parking is $5. All vehicles are requested to enter via Kenilworth Boulevard.

Vendors will be on site selling dog-related items, and food can be purchased from "Dr. Dog".

This will be the first time the show will be held in Sebring; the previous location being at Zolfo Springs, in Hardee County, said Dr. Laura Van-Horn, who has been president and show chairman of the club for approximately 23 years.


We can presume, babysis, that Dr. Dog will be selling hot dogs?

Love this story. Thanks for posting it.

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