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July 02, 2012


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The power came back on and thankfully, was on through the night. I read in the Washington Post that only 24% of the nearly 2 million customers without power now have power. We expect another day of "cascading" power outages to accommodate workers trying to restore power. It's hard to know what to do because you don't know when the power might go out. When it comes on after being out, it feels like you won the lotto.


The graph is very true. It made me laugh.

This morning the concern is road closures or traffic lights out. Most drivers ignore the 4 way stop, which is frustrating & dangerous.

Sista C

Well, I'm thankful to the good lord that you had your honey and a good library to make the discomfort bearable. I assume Matiss doesn't have to go into work?


Great to see you...we got our power back. I am so happy! If it goes out again, at least the house is a little drier and cooler. Hi, everybody.


Your graph made me laugh out loud. How true. Stating that, the circumstances in this outage are severe, particularly the temperatures. You guys aren't the only beloveds from whom I've heard gas station horror stories. For the moment, I'm so glad you have some power. Be careful driving, and even more careful getting your gas!

Sista C

Just got a huge B-12 shot. My own form of 'gas'. For those of you who haven't tried it, boy-hidey it works.

I remember back in O-8? O-7? Being without power in the July heat for two weeks. Babesis was without power also, so we lamented our plight together.

Safe travel, Treesta.


Never told you this, Sista C, but apparently TRM gets huge B-12 shots all the time. He swears by them himself.

I can't imagine what it would be like to be without power for two weeks. I'd love to hear more details of how you survived. What was a typical day like? A typical night? Seriously, I'd like to know.


frida -- it was great to see you yesterday, too, and I am SOOOOOOO relieved that you finally have power! Let's keep our fingers crossed.


I like the way the color of the graph coordinates with the color of your mugs in the top left-hand corner.

I'm sorry that you are having so many difficulties with the hot weather and power outages. Having to anticipate another one anytime would be the hardest part for me.

People prepare for other kinds emergencies. They create special boxes. Maybe you need a special power outage box, with special stuff you only get to use or do during a power outage. It might be a way to take care of yourself AND be something to look forward to during an outage. My box would have protein bars, peanut M&M's ("Melts in your mouth, not in your hand") and a Starbucks or independent coffee store card and ... what else?


I love the idea of a special power outage box. Mine would include my Red Cross crank radio that Matissta and I listened to late yesterday afternoon to get an idea when the power might come back on. I'd also put in a bottle of that green sh!t to mix with water.


Where is the option for 'find food for an unexpected full house and field phone calls until 2:30 a.m."

Shepherdstown was in some kind of protected bubble - well, we always thought so but now there's proof - and never lost power. We now have guests who won't leave.


My sympathies completely. Complaining about the heat specifically was the popular choice in FL. Conserve energy anyway you can. Shed clothing. Move slowly. I am glad you may continue to have respite from the outages at least temporarily. Stay home.


Bnb, Flann and I thought about stopping by on our way back from Pennsylvania. We thought it would be crowded because of the street fair, but never occurred to us that you might be busy because you had power.

The entrepreneur in me is curious if you raised your rates for these guests. I heard this morning that many hotels in our area were listed on travel websites, like Expedia, with higher prices on Saturday and Sunday. A Motel 6 was charging $800 for a room! But the hotels said, if you called directly the prices weren't that much. They didn't say if they did raise them or not; only that they can't control the listings on the travel websites.


Bnbsista -- I can't tell if you are happy or not that your house is full. Sorry about the phone calls until 2:30 a.m.

babysis -- I still have power. Just finished writing an obituary for Big Daddy, the canine community ambassador who breathed his last on June 29. PEACEsista called him an ambassador in one of her comments, so I called the piece, "Ambassador Big Daddy". It was a tough assignment. Read it to Matiss. She said it strikes the right balance -- not overly sentimental. I hate "overly sentimental", particularly in obituaries and eulogies.


I'm at work. Several months ago, they installed super-duper generators so that we don't have to close when there is no power. The generators are running, but I can't tell. It's quite nice actually.

It's quiet along this stretch. The offices around us, including the Government ones, are closed.


Man, the heat has got to be awful. I am in the mountains in CA with OLD. Today we are going to the dog shelters to find OLD a new dog. Must be older, healthy, not too hairy and calm. If Gruff wasn't around, that's what I'd be looking for.


" ... to find OLD a new dog." I love the sound of that. It also sounds like a short story waiting to be written. Justista, blessings for your dog search. Hope you find the perfect match. Lucky OLD and lucky dog.


Speaking of dogs, I walked Huck at lunch time and THERE'S STILL POWER AT MATISSTA'S HOUSE!

Also, I still have power!!!!

Sista C

Congrats on your power continuance, Flann. As for how I handled our past extended outrage, 'torpor'' would be the operational term. I schlepped around, tortoise-like, bathed in sweat -- and took several tepid showers a day.

Sista C

You still got power, yes?


Yes, I do, but I turned off my desktop computer to be safe. I have had to fill my bird bath six times today. The birds seem desperate for cool water.

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