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February 15, 2013


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Still pondering names, but the first one that came to me was Nancy Grace -- you know that blond broad with her own TV show about crime or whatever. The station she's on is always on on airport monitors, so lately I've seen commercial after commercial featuring her. She irritates the hell out of me.


Wish that thing would hit the FOX News satellite.


I seriously just learned this. Apparently a REAL meteor hit Russia or something and injured 400 people:



Wow, Flann, the footage of the Russian meteorite is pretty amazing. In the one police car video, it looked like that fireball was coming right at the police car.


I know, treesta. I've looked up some other footage. That thing would have scared the living bejesus out of me.

Now, of course, I'm concerned about flying this morning. Who knows what I'll see while in the air.


Well, it seems that Russia has been the target before. In 1908, an asteroid hit Siberia. Imagine in those days being hit with something like that. Did they think it was a war attack or the end of the world?

The images are pretty scary. Here's an article.


I have to admit, if I had been an eyewitness to yesterday's event in Russia, my first thought would have been, "Is this an attack?"


I hope I would have said "wow, how cool is that?"
Will wave to the asteroid on way to Chicago to be with my Mom for her 96th birthday. She fears not asteroids or meteors or anything else falling from the sky...so, I guess I won't either.


noway, Happy Birthday to your mother! Enjoy her and your time in Chicago.

If I were to see the asteroid pass through Chicago, I would think it'd look much like the World of the Worlds film with Tom Cruise.


Now they're saying 1,000 people have been injured in Russia, and at least one roof collapsed from the concussion from that meteorite exploding as it entered the atmosphere. They're finding fragments of the meteorite in a trail from 50-150 kilometers away from the city over which it exploded. In a lake outside of the town, there is a large hole in the ice.

This fascinates me.


BTW Flann, love the choice and position of the images in today's post.

Sista C

Agree with Matissta. The positioning of today's post was very clever. Gave me a chuckle, anyway.


No asteroid landed here in Taos today, but Justista's writing tore a hole in my heart. That sista can write ... With or without an MFA.


Wow and so can Peace and hope great Joy for Noway and his Mom!
Cool photos of earth and chicken.


Learned this afternoon that Maria, the true heart of this place, was diagnosed with colon cancer last July, had surgery and is finishing chemo. How am I just hearing this? I am very sad. It is like sadness piled on top of sadness. She is a really good woman and I pray that cancer is only part of her PAST. Amen.


But it is not all sad. Gwendolyn's wonderful friend Nancy is here and I am getting to know her now, too, which is a great blessing! Taking it ALL in here in Taos, the good with the bad ... just like life ...


"Sadness piled on top of sadness."

I am so deeply sorry to hear about Maria, PEACE -- she is indeed a beautiful person and I remember one occasion, in particular, when a conversation with her made me decide to stay at one of the silent retreats I attended rather than bolt.

Gosh, I'm so sorry.

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