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February 01, 2013


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A simple hand-written expression of grief is such gift at times like these.


All three of my surviving blood sisters sent Matissta a card which touched me deeply.


Good morning, Flann. I am so glad that both you and Matiss are home, and are together. I know that for you, Flann, one huge weight on you was not being with Matiss. Enjoy every moment with each other these next few days. Rest well. Laugh as much as you can and cry when you need to. Then rest some more.


Thank you, treesta.

The last thing I want to do is TRM work.

I want to get groceries, clean the house, go to the movies with Matissta. Being with her grief is such a sad and solemn honor.


This has never happened before, but it is very sweet. I don't go anywhere in my house or sit anywhere in my house (including the toidy) without Scout hopping into my lap. She has missed me so.


Oh, Flann and Matiss, I am with OLD, appreciating every minute. My love to you both.


Wish you were here, Justista, with some Gentleman Jack.

Oh hell, I just with you were here, period.


It is a quiet Friday here. I continue to hold you both in my heart.

What is the first movie you and Matiss are going to see in your memorial viewing tribute to Momista?


We are going to see "Lincoln" later today, PEACE.


Have you seen Beasts of the Southern Wild?


We saw "Beasts" this summer, right after it came out. If I remember correctly, I liked it better than Matissta did. Think of it as a fable.


We rented "Beasts" from public library and the benefit of renting the DVD is being able to watch the "extra" on how the movie was made. Fascinating.


I loved "Lincoln". Just loved it.

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