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February 19, 2013


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The web is now gone, of course. I cleaned my house this weekend to feel more connected to it.

I leave in another hour for the rest of the week. Hope to be home some time on Saturday.

Who knows what I might discover then.


The word in my Code Thingy was "persevere".



Travel safe, Flann, and once again, knock their socks off. You are running the last three miles of what has been a very grueling marathon these last couple of months. You can make it. One step at a time.


SPHERE CHALLENGE: a poem or haiku based on today's post.


Flight delayed. Mechanical problems.


Have the cob webs formed on your airline seat yet?


Silver threads weave silver linings
By Peter

Radiant threads drape
hurried heads tear spider's art
She nests in hair now


resident spider
spins big bathroom doorway web
been away too long


She has gone.
Spider holding silence.
I weave here.

How fun to write poetry with poets. How good to sense the return in the pipeline, of good people, to places they call home.


by Flannista

Another long day . . .
Airplane nose hydraulics gone --
Cobwebs form in brain


Flann's home is not clean
Because she is in Mouseland
Working her ass off!


by spider

before leaving hers
she cleaned house destroying mine
spinning a new web


Spider's Lament/A Gentrification Parable

Seeking better times
She decides to reconnect
Then destroys my home


PEACE/Peter, you two should consider writing a book together. I'm serious. It would be a great marketing ploy.



In my hotel room,
But sad, lonely and homesick.
No spider webs here.


Matissta -- I don't think Peter and PEACE writing a book of haiku together isn't a ploy as much as a great idea. The haiku don't fall far from the tree.


Uh-oh ... looks like a spiderweb is growing on the sphere ...


I know, PEACEsista.

I'm so wiped out. I'm conserving what energy I have to get this current video project to a point to show the client late Friday afternoon. Mike and I tediously went through 4.5 hrs. of interviews over the past two days to produce a 4 minute and 10 second audio track. Then had to find music . . . you already know what THAT's like. Finally found a piece of music that didn't make us barf.

We're still in the studio tweaking the audio track. Have been here for 12 hours. Another full day tomorrow.


God bless you. Really. And blessings also for an uncomplicated completion of this video project, too. Sweet dreams.


Thank you, PEACEsista.

Sista C

mornin' Flann


Mornin', Sista C.

Wanted you to know that I checked my home messages yesterday afternoon while Mike was rendering all of the footage to "high rez". Discovered that my oldest sister called me on Valentine's Day, my father called me on Sunday and you called me on Monday.

I forgot to check my phone messages when I got home last Friday.

Thanks for your compassionate message.

Matissta reminded me to check my email, too.

Will do.


Good morning, everyone. It's been busy all around, I see. Flann, I do hope with PEACE that your video project goes well and without complications. Take care.

It's been quite complicated at school. Two former students of our school, now attending the local high school, were killed in unrelated shooting incidents in the last few days. The teachers who taught those children, of course, were quite distraught, as were some of our sixth graders who 'hang' with the older kids. Then the day before yesterday, four of our kids rode the wrong bus home in order to 'jump' a fifth student. Thankfully, a parent happened to be at that bus stop to pick up some younger children and kept things from getting serious. We spent most of yesterday conferring with all of the children involved and their parents. Of course, there was a heightened sense of urgency in these conferences because of the shootings in the neighborhood and because these young men will be going to middle school next year.


Meanwhile, in MouseLand, Mike and I fret over how to make TRM look 15-20 pounds lighter in videos (there's a way).

TRM has no idea how the real world suffers.


Checked my email: 297 messages.

Six were poems from The Writer's Almanac. Six were from Matissta; one from my oldest sister; one from treesta; two from PEACE; two from babysis; two from the church we are currently attending; 10 from clients.

The rest: junk mail and bills. No wonder I don't bother checking my email.

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