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February 13, 2013


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I know you all know that I'm hanging in there because if I had truly become disoriented from all this work and travel, I would have packed my New Balance 801s.


I got three hours of sleep overnight! I thought we would be pulling an all-nighter!


Glad to hear you got at least SOME sleep. I can't imagine having to pull an all-nighter anymore.


I have new respect for the folks I see sleeping at the corner of 9th and Pennsylvania Avenue who live out of one knapsack and a garbage bag.


I listened to the State of the Union address via headphones and my laptop while keeping an eye on the large monitor in the studio. It was the first time I can remember that I didn't purposely plan an evening around watching it.

I also just realized that it is Ash Wednesday. And tomorrow is Valentine's Day. I sent no cards this year and normally I send at least a dozen.


WORST OF ALL: I missed what dog won Best in Show.


I think if there were ever a time to wear your 801s, this would be it.


And here's the Best in Show:

Banana Joe is an Affenpinscher. What the heck is an Affenpinscher?


The code thingy was 'canine'. Honest.


I only watched a small part of the speech. All I remember was the President saying "send me that bill". I got tired of it.

The dog that won best in show was an affenpinscher named Banana Joe. The dogs have a monkey-like face. (Not my description, but the experts.). Since I didn't watch it, I don't if the dog has the usual personality of the champions. This was his last show. He's retiring.


Given the morning you've had, Matissta, you're Best in Show to even show up here.

[Earlier this morning, Matissta accidentally locked herself out of her house with the dog. I had the only extra key, here in MouseLand. I can't tell you how much I resent being here right now.]


My bag is packed, too, but for play, not for work. I'm driving to Taos today for a writing retreat and celebration of the release of Natalie Goldberg's new book. Some of my haiku appear in the chapter on practice. I'm looking forward to seeing my little darlings in print. It's cold here and there. Since I'm driving, I've packed all my favorite sweaters. If I get snowed-in along the way, I'll be set.

Thinking of you, Flann. I hope, in the end, that all the travel and work will result in a finished product which pleases you and that it feels worth all the effort it took to create it.


PEACE -- I had no idea you were heading to Taos along with a few others who posted about it on Facebook. I also had no idea that you had a couple of your haiku in Natalie's new book. Wow.


I learned to write haiku sitting beside my mother in northern Wisconsin. She was the first person to hear them. Now, my mother is dead, but our haiku are seeing new life. I think I mentioned it to you a long time ago, but so much has happened since then.

I'll check-in with Sassistas while I'm away and I'll also be sure to visit our favorite card store in Taos!


Congratulations on your haiku, PEACE. Sounds like a great time in Taos for you. Enjoy every moment.


Peace! How great...and fun. Taos is so that you are having haikus in a Goldberg book.


Showed a draft of the video with the mirrored panels, etc. to the client a couple of hours ago. The client's feedback for Mike and me:

We absolutely cannot thank you enough for your hard work on the TRM Core Values Video. It is amazing and inspirational. You are a phenomenal team and I know you are putting everything you have into this.

I have been pulling people aside privately to get their feedback on the video and everyone honestly loves it. We are all amazed at your talent and appreciative of your dedication. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

Mike and I have about six more hours of audio levels and sound effects to adjust, but we are relieved.


Smile. So good to hear.


Yay! Good on you!


Excellent news, Flann. Congratulations to you and Mike for completing another amazing project together!

I'm in Taos and glad to be done driving. It's beautiful here.


Thanks, PEACEsista and frida and treesta . . . and Matissta (for ways she doesn't know about).

PEACE -- so glad that you are done driving and that it's beautiful. Still in the studio here. Another couple of hours and then I can relax.

Love to all.


Heading to Taos tomorrow early. Ah sweet silence.

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