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February 02, 2013


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Stumbled across this poem this morning.

Was taken by it.


Love this poem, Flann and the perfect photo which accompanies it, which reminded me of the colors in a peacock feather and your beloved Flannery O'Connor. Funny sometimes, how we find the things we love in other things ... as this poem does, too.

I'm off to a four hour strategic planning meeting for our local public library this morning (with a second one scheduled for Thursday night.) That's a LOT of meeting, but our library is so worth it!

Will you and Matiss be going to the movies again today?


"...sitting in a café warmed by the steam
from white chicken chili, two cups of dark coffee,
watching the red and gold leaves race down the street,
confetti from autumn's bright parade."

Love these lines.


How did you like Lincoln?
how we never think about the glories
of breath, oxygen cascading down our throats to the lungs,
simple as the journey of water over a rock. It is the nature
of stone / to be satisfied

With OLD-he's wheeling around the kitchen making me eggs. Insists.


Just got an email from Jim, Sukey's husband. Jim and OLD and I went out to lunch yesterday and for the first time in the year since Sukey's death, we told stories about Sukey and we didn't cry. We are healing.


Good morning, Just. What touching comments, both OLD making you eggs and all of you telling stories about Sukey. I thought of you last weekend when I took my granddaughter over to Wye Island for the first time and we passed by Sukey's spirit house. We had a good day. My son found his first arrowhead, Julia must have walked a couple of miles before letting her Dad put her on his shoulders where she promptly fell sound asleep for the walk back to the car.

Everything around us is glorious already.


Vacuuming cat hair.

Looking for the radiance.

What the living do.


Justista -- I posted in yesterday's sass stream that I loved, "Lincoln", and after seeing it, agree with treesta that I want to read a biography of Thaddeus Stevens.

You all know that I've had a fascination with assassination since I was about 10 years old (the year Kennedy was assassinated). All to say, the details in the scene where Lincoln dies are spot on, down to the stripes on the pillow.

Daniel Day-Lewis gave a jaw-dropping performance and Sally Field was wonderful, too.


Matissta and I have tickets to see the Kronos Quartet with Laurie Anderson tonight, so no movies today. Perhaps we'll try to take in one tomorrow. Or two.

We're just taking it a minute at a time. At the grocery store this morning, we saw our favorite cashier. When she asked how we were doing, I began to cry and really couldn't stop.


Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow today. Spring is supposedly right around the corner.

Since the Groundhog's first prediction in 1887, Phil has not seen his shadow on just 16 occasions.


Today is Huckleberry's 8th birthday.


Just - I've been thinking about Sukey, too. Our Wyoming Cowgirl team has decided to do another Komen 60-mile walk this fall, though we still need to choose the exact location (probably Arizona.) I walked in honor of Sukey in 2011 and I will walk in her memory this time ... which is exactly why I am motivated to fundraise and walk again. I'm grateful to hear of your healing.


"Happy Birthday, dear Huckleberry ...." (I'm singing it) ... "Happy Birthday to YOOOOOOOOOU! (using my best hound dog hoooowl!)


Thank you PEACE. Thank you. She is so present here at OLD's house. And thank you Treesta for going by her spirit house. The grief is sweeter now.


God, I love this poem...thanks for sharing...thinking of you, Matiss and Flan, moving and breathing through your days and doing what the living do. Saw Les Miz tonight and mostly liked it, but wanted better singing...except for Ann Hathaway who was perfect. On a mission to see all the movies before Oscar time. Lincoln next. Blessings...


We saw Argo yesterday. Very suspenseful. Lincoln still tops my list to win the Oscar, but I am happy that there are so many good films this year in the running.

Happy Super Bowl, y'all! We are going to party with some good friends who just bought a new big screen TV. I'm rooting for Baltimore!


Morning, all.

I must admit I didn't like Lincoln as much as I thought I would, but my mind wasn't in it either. I'll have to give it another try when I'm more myself.

Argo was enjoyable but I don't think it should win for Best Picture. Although I was saying to Flann it might sneak up on the other films and win, because it's on a roll winning awards from other organizations. (Flann has assured me that this won't happen however, because a film rarely wins Best Picture without the Director winning. Does my girl know films or what?!)

PEACE, rooting for the 49ers while Flann and I feast on our Salsa, Chips and Nuts of the Month sent to us by noway.


Nice to see you name in the sass stream, Matissta.

To be clear, I said that films rarely win Best Picture if its director hasn't at least been nominated for Best Direction. The last time a picture won without its director (Bruce Beresford) being nominated was "Driving Miss Daisy" (how is that even possible?). Oliver Stone won Best Direction that year for "Born on the Fourth of July".

I, too, am pulling for the 49ers. The Sassistas! keep going back and forth about whether or not we're actually going to watch the Super Bowl. I'm just not all that into it. I'm going to Matissta's to do several loads of laundry. Yes, I've had to unhook my washer hoses from the washer because of the cold weather. I'm more concerned about getting my clothes clean than I am about watching the game. I'll be bringing a book to read.


My hope is that it will be a good enough game that you will not want to read!

I'm not that into it either, so I'm especially glad to be celebrating the occasion with a group of very entertaining friends. Regardless of how the game turns out, I know that we will all have a good time.

Have a good, restorative afternoon, my sistas.


The Sassistas! are at Matissta's, watching old "30 Rock" episodes on Netflix. Doing laundry and eating the chips and salsa noway gave Matiss for Christmas (a new selection every month). Flann also brought this month's selection of nuts from noway's holiday gift of a nut selection every month.

We're so lucky to have noway as a friend.


Much love to the Sassistas! as you keep one another warm in body and soul this day.

The tv has not yet been turned on here today, so the hype should be a tad less intrusive than usual. Reluctantly cheering for SF, but don't really care who wins for a change.


Well, the game ended up with an exciting ending. I was glad for my son, who's a big Ravens fan. Meanwhile, it's time for the daily rituals of life - for me, a doctor's appointment and some bloodwork, and then into work for a half day. May we all find the glory around us that comes in a hot cup of coffee, a good meal with family or friends, or any of the mundane tasks in our day.


Thanks for checking into the 'sphere, treesta.

I have to confess that I am just not myself these days. Neither is Matissta.

I fell asleep during the second half of the Super Bowl and really didn't care who won. Just wanted the whole thing to be over. Was kind of hoping that the power would stay out permanently. The commercials sucked and Beyonce can dance, but really, her singing wasn't all that good live. Her hips were better than her lips.

Have to fly to MouseLand tomorrow, leaving Matissta here to tend to her grief while I hold my head up while busting my ass for a company that continues to beat me down with insulting compensation.

TRM said last week while we were filming him that his youngest son (a junior in college) got a "gig in Las Vegas filming a boxing match. He's getting paid $50,000 for five days of work. He's going to make it".

I wrote the essay for that son's college application.


Hope you all have the best day and week possible.

I am donating blood later this week, the first time they will allow me to again, a year after our trip to Africa. Does anyone else in the sphere donate blood? They report it back to me in lives saved, as in "you have helped to save five lives." Hearing that compels me to keep giving, but I note on the donor walls that there are many fewer women listed as big lifetime blood donors and I wonder why?


I've been donating blood for years, several times each year, but I have to talk myself into it every time. I've passed out, gotten queasy and light-headed, had to have cold cloths put on my forehead and throat, etc. They have trouble finding a good vein in my arms, and I have a lot of scar tissue from previous donations, which makes it harder. But I keep doing it because it's such an easy way to help save someone else's life. I envy big strapping men with bulging veins. I think they have an easier time, so maybe that's why not as many of us "little" women donate. Although my husband can't stand the thought of doing it, and he's an EMT/firefighter!

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