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March 10, 2013


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Scrubbed the kitchen floor yesterday.

Walked the dog.

Did a load of laundry.



Finished my 2012 Taxes.

Raked a bag of yard debris.

Hold me back.


Didn't turn on any computer.


Set all of my clocks and watches forward.


Read the paper.


Forgot about the clocks and watches.


Actually, forgot about everything, and took off for the day. Spent the entire day driving the back roads of the Eastern Shore. Ended up at Assateague Island. Aaaaahhhh....


Just got back in from raking two more bags of yard debris.

Going to take a shower now.

What other glories await me today?


Flann, go pick up Matiss, pack a picnic lunch, and head out somewhere. That's how I ended up on the Eastern Shore yesterday. Was dealing with my own version of Shades of Blue. Head for the arboretum? Great Falls? Sugar Loaf Mountain? Brookside Gardens? Maybe even fill up your bird feeders and sit outside with a cup of latte and watch the birds. (You guys would LOVE Brookside Gardens. Tell Matiss to bring her camera.) Find moments of glories where ever you end up. xoxo


Thanks, treesta.

Actually, we are heading to church. We haven't been there for a couple of months and it will do us some good.

Then it's grocery shopping, and then I plan to sit out on my back deck and read for a spell.


Sounds like you have a plan. My son and I both want to introduce my granddaughter to the magic of the woods this spring, so we're headed off to Wye Island again to let her explore. Last night I was showing her pictures of all the birds I saw yesterday, to which she all assigned names - the osprey was named Audrey. Today we're taking the bird book with us, so she can learn the birds. She's very excited about that. I'll let you know how it goes when we come back. Meanwhile, you, Matiss and I need to plan a spring adventure sometime soon. This is the best season to explore - the mosquitoes and the poison ivy are still dormant, there aren't nearly as many ticks, the temperatures are cool and the sun is warm.

Sista C

Glad to hear you're feeling better.


We are packing for a grand adventure to Vietnam and Thailand, March 13-28. We will miss you all, but know that you will carry on beautifully without us! Our nephew is getting married in Bangkok (where his bride's family lives) and it was the perfect excuse for us to pack a bag and go ... most any excuse will do, really ... but, happy occasions are the best!


Does some of the grey include dust too? How can you not love Roz Chast?

PEACE, that's a pretty incredible adventure. But then again marriage can be too, if done properly.

I'll be interested in hearing about it all; the people, cultures, foods and ceremony.


Just got back from the Shore. We had a grand time exploring the island. The grandkid is a real trooper - we tromped in the woods for almost four hours. The find of the day? My son and I were trying to find the foundations for the homesteads that once dotted the island. We found two different homesights - on one we found a chimney for a house that once had the kitchen in the basement (you could tell by the fireplace), and an old, hand-dug, brick-lined well. At the other homesite, we found the brick foundation for both the home and what at been either the barn or garage. Within the imprint of the foundation, there still sat, buried deep in the underbrush, the rusted remains of a 1920's truck. I also brought back three deer jawbones with the teeth still intact to show the kids at school. Fun day.


Treesta: will you be my grandma?


Just: I will be your grandma and I hope PEACE will adopt me as a long, lost niece to go on her trip to Vietnam and Thailand. Grin. We really do need to plan that Grand Canyon trip, even if we plan it a couple of years in advance!

Meanwhile, my sister and I are beginning to plan our trip for this summer - the fun part of the dream/planning stage is we can imagine going anywhere for the time being. So I've dragged out my maps, which I scatter on the living room floor, and then I lay on my stomach, chin in my hands to peruse the possibilities (though it's getting harder and harder to actually see the names and route numbers on the maps - which part of the bifocal do I look through - chuckle).


PEACE and noway -- you are the best relatives and friends anyone could ever hope to have. You show up, period. I love that about you two.

Justista took my question, treesta.

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