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March 12, 2013


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Travel blessings, PEACEsista and nowayasista.


Anyone want to take a stab at what this stanza means?


PEACE and noway, I hope your travels are full of marvels and blessings. Enjoy every moment!


OK, I'll take a shot. Flying out of sight makes me think first of death, which of course means that at death, which "marks the edge of one of many circles", we step into a new beginning.

Hmmm... will read again and again as we go through the day...


I agree that it's a loss of some sort, but not necessarily bad.


--the edge of the realm we can see and that which can not be seen...but the poem says it with the body following a bird. Stevens is wonderful. Thanks for the poetry. I haven't been feeling well and so am reading Donne, Shakespeare, and Herbert. Very good. It puts me in the river. And Flann and Matiss I hope we will see you soon.
I hope everyone's travels are lovely.


There is Death, and there are the deaths that we experience in so many ways throughout our lives. Within our life, every ending does indeed open the door to new beginnings. What happens with the Death that ends our physical lives, well, that is something that we just have to wait and see.


I tend to limit myself to what I can see around me. That's my world. Maybe what Stevens is saying is that the world doesn't end at the edge of the circle we see, it only leads to another circle that someone else somewhere else in the world can see. So our lives aren't limited to the circle we know.


Bye, bye, dear sistas and mistas. Noway and I will soon fly out of sight, like the blackbird ... so I am really hoping that this poem is NOT about DEATH, but rather about seeking new horizons, beyond one's own circle.

Have fun while we're away. We'll miss you and we'll come back with stories and LOTS of pictures of Vietnam and Thailand!


Have a great time, PEACE & noway!

I've been thinking about the stanza. I don't see it as death-related. I view it as a new experience or change. You leave one "circle" and enter another.

I am curious what the poet's intent was behind this though.


At some point (after noway and PEACE get back), the Sassistas! will post Stevens' entire poem, "Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird". Perhaps the meaning will become more clear then.

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