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March 17, 2013


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That's neighbor Sassley, all decked out at Emily's St. Patrick's Day party last evening.

I actually stayed up UNTIL 10 P.M.!


Much love to you on your birthday, Lovasista!

Sista C

My oh my what is that in the glass you're holding, Sassley? Looks like ale, or a black n tan.....

Happy birthday, Lovasista! Many blessings to you.


That's Guinness, Sista C.

Have to confess that the 'hood is a little slow in waking up this morning. Emily sure can throw a party.


Don't you just love the sassy leprechaun hat on top of Sassley?

I SOOO want to borrow it for Easter Sunday service!


Thank you sistas----spending a calm, peaceful day at home. Waiting for spring!!!


Lovasista, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Please don't feel compelled to mimic Sassley's attire. A simple wearing of green will do. Plus not everyone can pull off a Mardi Gras Leprechaun look. It's a talent only she has.

A calm, peaceful day at home sound perfect. Enjoy.


Spring can't get here soon enough.


Happy Birthday, Lovasista!


And a Happy Birthday, Lovasista! I hope you thoroughly enjoyed your day!


Happy Birthday Lovasista. I think of the shaman work you did on behalf of the sassosphere last year at the winter solstice and here we are entering the spring equinox now. May your year ahead be lovely.

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