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March 26, 2013


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Well done, Bodyform.


So many funny moments in this video. One of the funniest is when the woman drinks the blue water.

I would try Bodyform products simply because of this video. Brilliant.


Ingenious. As funny the second time I watched it as the first.


I love the 1983 "footage" of focus groups of men terrified of what happens to a woman every month.


"the blood coursing from our uteri like a crimson landslide...."

the simple snap of the pencil


"with a sense of foreboding" . . . the British accent just slays me. I want this actress to read aloud to me on my deathbed so I'll die laughing.


So love this, I have no words. Only bodily sound effects it seems. I love it even more than the baby mop I missed out on yesterday. And for the record, we do not feed the neighbor's cat. We do use her tail as a handle though, because she is nicknamed "fluffy" and needs no mop attire.

*Knowing the abundance of "dog people" reading, I trust my cat humor will indeed be recognized as humor.


So did this ad actually run? I don't think we would ever have a woman farting in a commercial in America.

Hilarious. What is the blue water? Is it the water they use to demonstrate the absorbency?


Yep, that's absorbency water, Justista. The ad actually ran on BodyForm's Facebook page as a response to Richard and needless to say, it's gone viral.

I think I have seen commercials with farting here in America, but come to think of it, they featured men.

Sista C

Well, hell, babysis I thought you'd been feeding Fluffy and I was thrilled to see that you had joined us animal-feeders. I was thrilled and a little turned on. What can I say? Another fantasy unravels.

Loved the post


Unraveled my fantasy, too, Sista C.

But you know me, the cat lover. I'm a sucker for a cattie.

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