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April 25, 2013


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Sista C

Just re-thought my 9:44 comment.


Caption for the top right painting:



What did you re-think, Sista C?


Another caption for top right painting:



Caption for top left painting:


Sista C

You know what? I wish, (in the tub painting), he'd at least have painted his big toe playing with the water from the tap, or included a rubber ducky or a floating toy aircraft carrier or something. C'mon.


Sista C: remember that kitchen faucet in that scene with Michael Douglas and Glenn Close in "Fatal Attraction"? Honey -- you just don't want to go there.

Sista C

Too late.

Sista C

Flannista. Would you consider these paintings a find at a flea market?


Like the Renoir that woman supposedly bought at a flea market for $7 not realizing who the painter was (and later learned it had been stolen from a Baltimore Museum 62 years ago)? Here is that painting:


I would purchase this painting in a heartbeat. George W. Bush's paintings? He signs them "43", and if it could be proven that he had indeed painted them, I would pay $7 for them . . . hell, I'll go $8.


It is unfair of me to judge former President Bush's painting ability simply on the basis of the four paintings featured in this post. Here is a link to 12 more paintings:


The Flying Dogs in the painting in the top row, third over, leave me speechless.


Actually, the Zebra Horse in the painting in top right (in the 10:34 a.m. link) is pretty indescribable, too. Looks like it's growing a pair of front legs or something.

Sista C

How about the dog actually GROWING aNOTHer DOG?! Geez, ex-presidents get to see woundrous things.


What is that zebra horse thing?

I watched W and Laura this morning on the Today show. It seemed that Laura didn't want him to talk much and she was answering for him. He has no regrets about Iraq. He has no regrets about torture.


I don't have regrets about Iraq either. I'm a W fan, he was the first president I voted for and when I heard about the paintings I sent his office an E-mail jokingly asking for a painting of a Western Landscape, his office responded to the e-mail very politely and with some humor and sent me an autographed (which is an actual, personalized signature) picture of him hanging out in a cowboy hat on his ranch instead...it is almost as good.

That being said, you guys are being ridiculous. Your problems are still here, 4 years in the future, and Obama just nominated one of the people who is responsible for bank misconduct as the COO of Citigroup, and who had a big hand in crafting the regulatory policies that were in force when Bush took office when he was a director of the Office of Management and Budget for the Clinton administration...you know, the good old days, when the economy had no problems. Of course, looking back now, the economy was certainly already building the coming storm, as good economic days tend to do at every level from our wallets to the NYSE.

If you want someone to blame for your retirement accounts, it isn't Bush, it probably is these guys in the upper echelons of regulatory decision making and on Corporate boards of directors who hang around regardless of who the president is, and never seem to go away or go to jail.

Essentially, Harvard Business school is more responsible for the economic downturn than the president (which,to be fair, Bush was a graduate of Harvard Business, but was not a banker)for making people believe that funny math and financial vehicles that make sense in theory will work out in the real world.

But you know, you aren't cyber bullies, because Bush is probably too busy being generally awesome, staying out of political discussions, saying positive thigns about Obama (because he knows what its like), continuing positive work that you don't acknowledge or apparently care about, and riding mountain bikes, golfing, and dancing with the wounded soldiers he knows he sent to war to really care about your criticism.

On a side note, you should all go try to paint a dog right now, then paint yourself naked. These pictures were obtained from stolen family E-mails. Bush isn't painting for the public, he's painting for the hell of it. For all the anthropomorphising of pets that goes on here, I don't think you can fault the man for painting dogs in his personal time.

Sista C

You're right, Peter I could paint a picture of a dog or myself naked, or even a dog growing another dog and it would look, probably, worse than Bush's efforts. So, I choose not to embarrass myself by painting anything except walls, which I refuse to pose next to as art. I expect the judgement of an ex-president to be at least as good as my own.


I respect that you have no regrets about the Iraq War, Peter, but would guess that the loved ones of the estimated 112,125 - 122,655 documented civilians killed during the war have some regrets.

I have ZERO respect for ANYone, including an ex-President, who refuses to admit mistakes or share regrets. Bush was too busy punching holes in his Iraqi terrorist/weapons of mass destruction playing cards while the economy was tanking. I lost $278,000 in six months in my retirement account beginning in October 2008. My retirement was blown to bits, not a leg, so I earn no dance with W and his general awesomeness which enamors him so much that he feels the need to preserve it in oil on canvas.

Sista C articulated it perfectly in her 3:06 comment. These paintings (and he hasn't exactly made a huge fuss about their being stolen; he beamed with pride last evening as Diane Sawyer oleaginously cooed over them) are another case in point of his faulty judgment and preening self-satisfaction. The dogs are nothing compared to his "water colors". He chooses to paint himself naked in a shower with his face reflected in a mirror. "I'm the commander -- see, I don't need to explain -- I do not need to explain why I say things. That's the interesting thing about being President, " he said in Woodward's book, Bush at War.

You're right, Mr. President. You don't need to explain a damn thing. Your paintings speak for themselves.


I saw a lot of dead civilians, the vast, vast majority of whom were killed by Al Qaeda in Iraq or other terrorists. I accidentally shot a guy when a bullet meant to disable his vehicle ricocheted off something in his car and went through the driver's seat...I don't regret that either because I followed the ROE and shot a pen flare and three tracer warning shots first. But aside from that, I blame religious fanaticism and cold war era weapons proliferation for most of the civilian deaths.

That is a phenomenal amount of money and someone should be punished, because you are surely not alone, but the people to be punished are probably the investors in charge of overseeing your fund and people like Jacob Lew. We don't know exactly who it was that invested your money so poorly in what must have been a combination of sub-prime tranches of Las Vegas real estate loans and under-capitalized rare earth mineral companies, but it wasn't the president.

To me, Bush always came off as generally honest, loyal, and courageous. Whether he privately believes the war was a mistake or not, he wouldn't and shouldn't publicly say so because it would undermine the continued success and pride of those he led into it. Ask Vietnam veterans. His continued statements that we went and eliminated evil doers and it was a good thing is one of the things that made him a good commander in chief. And we did eliminate evil doers...if Americans only knew how evil people can get.

I understood the criticism of him at the time, but I don't understand the continued vitriol this many years later, if we have learned anything from Obama's first term, it is that we can't hold the president personally responsible for everything.

He shouldn't make a huge fuss about the paintings or anything else, huge fusses are far too prevalent in our society and don't do any good. The two things people most often worry about are things that are already done and things that are inevitable, and neither one is actually a smart thing to concern yourself with. Bush seems to understand that.

And I bet you, and all of us, have plenty of friends and role models who refuse to admit mistakes or share regrets, and we respect them in spite of it.


I have no friends and role models who refuse to admit mistakes. Not a one. No one. And that is worth more than the $278,000 I lost in my retirement account in 2008.

I cannot speak with the same authority as you can about civilian deaths in Iraq, so I defer -- and again -- respect your first-hand experience.

Bush NEVER came off as generally honest, loyal or courageous to me. It may be because of my relationship with my client TRM and his many visits to the Oval Office during the George W. Bush administration. I know too much, more than I want to know. George W. is a daddy's boy and always will be. In my opinion, he needs a good slap upside the head from his father. You need to know that I admire his father quite a bit, a man who apparently spoiled his kids, but a man who would never, EVER, for a millisecond, think of painting himself in the nude in the bathtub, his face reflected in a mirror.

Huge fusses don't do any good? Guess that money I donated to AIDS relief in Africa (the only good huge fuss W ever devoted himself to) wasn't worth it. Or wait . . . that money I donated to the Wounded Warrior Project. What a waste that huge fuss was. Hold on a second . . . that money I donated to PAWS -- Dogs Assisting Wounded Soldiers. Damn . . . I should have commemorated my donation by commissioning W to hallow the dog in a painting. I admit my mistake and share my regret.


I am so sorry about the loss of your retirement account monies and sorrier still that there is nothing I can do to make it better for you.

In honor of my mother's 90th birthday tomorrow, I have been mining the haiku from my writing journals, logging them into the computer, then, burning hundreds and hundreds of pages of writing practice. I am letting-go of the past in numerous ways.

In those journals, I've found cards from you, Flann, given or sent to me at the Mabel Dodge Luhan house. I am so grateful for your support. You have mine, too ... forever. I hope you know that.


PEACE -- you alone are worth more than everything I own, including my Jesus action figures.

I went to bed out of sorts and thought a lot through the night about my comments in this sass stream. My anger toward ex-President Bush is misplaced and the tone, if not sarcastic, is downright vicious. It's not who I am. I am a generous person who needs to be more generous with myself about my own mistakes and regrets.

I know that I'll (and Matissta, too) have your support -- and the support of your dear family -- forever. Thank you.

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