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April 20, 2013


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My Bright Abyss may be the most beautiful and challenging book I have ever read about having faith in the face of death. Christian Wiman's poetry is equally as beautiful (and challenging). I'll post one of his poems tomorrow.

Until then, I will spend the morning listening to the music of cleaning my house.


The word in my Code Thingy was "courage".


I will be enjoying a Day of Mindfulness with friends in Laramie, which seems like the perfect place for me to be today.


Helping friends today and staying close to home...I hope peace for us today. Or for whatever we need to comfort us.
Also, I think I had better clean the house, too.


"only by claiming the most... jangling details of our lives..."

I jangle a lot.


I love this...so perfectly describes the paradox of being spirits on a human journey and humans on a spiritual journey. Thanks for posting. I will get the book.

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