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April 04, 2013


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Been thinkin' about this piece of live art and think it ain't got nuthin' on all those poor folks I see sleeping on outdoor grates near the Washington Mall.


I would put a bunch of water in a glass box, some colored sand, a filter, a tiny castle and some gold fish and call my piece of live art THE AQUARIUM.


What do you all think of this part of MOMA's statement about THE MAYBE?:

" . . . there is no published schedule for its appearance, no artist's statement released, no museum statement beyond this brief context, no public profile or image issued. Those who find it chance upon it for themselves, live and in real-shared-time: now we see it, now we don't."

As Sista C would say, what a bunch of horse hooey.


Good morning. Flann, your 6:23 comment made me think of the time I drove past the Federal Trade Commission Building in DC. It was shortly after the economy tanked in 08/09. In front of this building is a huge statue of a farm laborer struggling to control a draft horse:


In front of this statue sits a bench. That morning a homeless man was sleeping on the bench, curled up on the bench in a fetal position, his grocery cart of belongings aside the bench.

I thought then, what a picture. The message and the art that day was not orchestrated, not contrived.


Excellent point, treesta. Just excellent. Thank you.

That aside, do you have any ideas for your own creation of live art and what it would be called?


Sleeping in a glass box. Art at its finest. I can appreciate some art. Lots of it in fact. This however, is a snoozer. What happens if Tilda starts to drool or snore or fart? Not sure I need to see that. Real, shared or otherwise.

Live art . . . PEACE singing. That's about as real and artistic as you will find.

Sista C

Flannista, you know my choice of words amazingly well. When I read the piece, before I even read the comments, I thought 'what a load of horse hooey'.

I would place a toilet in my glass box, along with reading materials, and call it 'The Throne'.

I've always liked Tilda. Wonder what bet she lost.


My thoughts immediately went to the Justin Timberlake SNL video 'D**k in a Box'. That might be pathetic, but I'm not sure it's any less artful.


Damn, Sista C -- I laughed right out loud when I read about your live art piece called THE THRONE.


And practical, too -- a perfect place for the horse hooey.


Read a couple of Tweets about THE MAYBE. One suggested that the Ocean 11 guys plan a heist to get Tilda out of there.


Bnb -- YOU'RE A TRUE ARTEEEEST that your thoughts went immediately to that FABulous SNL video. I just watched it again.



I know... make the glass box look like the window in Edward Hopper's iconic 'Nighthawks', then do a group Sassistas! shot, each of us with our favorite drink. I'll take a Miracle Margarita, thank you.



I think noway brings up a very important question in his 8:12 a.m. comment that we should all ponder or wrestle with. What DOES happen "if Tilda starts to drool or snore or fart?"

I suppose if she farts, the glass might shatter, making it an even more important work of live art. I've farted lots of times, but never in a box. I've got a priority mailbox here in my office. Let's see what art emerges.


treesta!!!!! BRILLIANT, TOO!!!!

Damn, the 'sphere is ON FIRE this morning!



I put the "art" in "fart" and look what emerged!!!:



I would would buy some small plants and a turtle for the glass box and call it THE TERRARIUM.


Sweet Jesus, I AM an arteest! The word in the Code Thingy for my last comment was "Horticulture".

No kidding.


And for Justista, we could put the glass box in the bottom of the Grand Canyon, and fill it with the Sassistas! Kazoo Band.... who all also have their favorite drink in hand.


I have to admit. I too wondered what if she farted. I mean I hope there are air holes in the glass somewhere! But at the same time, I commend her for being able to be in such a confined area for such a period of time.

And what if she needs to use the bathroom and leave the glass box. Is the exhibit over for the day?

With most art, you can’t touch it. I'm assuming in this case you can’t touch or tap the glass because it would annoy her. Like a kitten or fish on display.

I think MOMA should provide an FAQ or at least Tilda and the artist. I have so many questions.


I would bring Flann's books, stack them neatly in piles and call it THE LIBRARY.

A quiet sign wouldn't hurt.


You know in NY some people would pay $1000 a month to have this space. It would be called THE APARTMENT.

Sista C

Curious as to how and why MOMA would consider this art? Does anything, no matter how ridiculous, qualify now?


Very interesting questions, Sista C. I'm going to do some research on the piece, see what more informed folks think about it.

In the meantime, here's a link to more photos of Tilda in a Box, including one of the installation notice:



The word, "treasure" was in the Code Thingy for my last comment. I think it's meant to be ironic.


One other thing: I think Matissta's comments have been hysTERical.

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