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May 12, 2013


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The subtitle of this poem is: "M.A.K. September, 1880 - September, 1955"


About the poet, Carolyn Kizer:



Just discovered that Charlissta added this in the Mother's Day space in the calendar/diary she has gifted me with this Christmas:

"You mother all those little kids."


Good morning and Happy Mother's Day, everyone. Matiss & PEACE, thinking of you both on this Mother's Day.

I'm sitting here listening to my son and granddaughter make pancakes for my daughter-in-law and myself. The biggest gift isn't the pancakes, it's simply listening to them.

Charlissta, what a thoughtful gift you gave to Flann within the calendar/diary you gave her. Flann, you do indeed mother all those little kids. They love you dearly.


Hey, thanks for remembering my mom today!

Happy Mother's Day to everyone who has ever mothered anyone or anything and this includes all lovers of pets and the planet ... which includes noway, because on many, many days he was a better mom than me.

treesta, thanks for mentioning pancakes. noway offered to cook me an egg, but after reading your comment, I shouted, "PANCAKES! That's what I want for breakfast!"

Now that it seems to have FINALLY stopped snowing, I have asked for help with the day devoted to yard work!


Happy Mother's Day everyone. Yes, and to those who have ever mothered anyone. Who doesn't that include? Everyone has been in the position some point in their life.

A bittersweet day for me. I'm trying not to think about it too much. And it doesn't help to constantly get emails from retailers trying to suggest what I should buy for mom. I wish they had an unsubscribe portion for certain holidays.


Sorry, dear Matiss. I can relate. I'm holding you in my heart today.

I hope you find a meaningful, non-retail, way to celebrate your mother today. I'm working in the yard. My mom always loved her garden (and gardens in general.) So, I'm celebrating my mom with the new life of spring in the garden.


Sometimes the smallest gestures can make the biggest impact.

Noah -- the young man who used to watch Isaac -- just stopped by my house with a gift certificate to a CD store. He said, "Happy Mother's Day. You've been like a mother to me with your courage to come out. It helped me to come out."

Instant tears and gratitude.


wow. Wow. WOW!



Me, too, PEACEsista.

Noah hugged me hard and wouldn't let go. I needed that. I really needed that.


Flann: I remember your other stories about Noah that you told me when we walked around the lake. Sometimes I think the best mothering is done with somebody else's kids.

Mattis, Treesta and Peace: Our mothers are up there laughing I think.


Code thingy: "aloft"


Just, that makes for a pretty good picture! Certainly, that's the way I like to remember my mom.


Another Monday ... hang in there, sistas!


Have been not seeing these posts because of new computer...really buckets, really joy. Mothering.


Will try and post tomorrow.

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