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June 14, 2013


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I read somewhere that we are made kind by being kind.


In the afternoon sun, the crystals throw off scores of rainbows on the walls in my small writing room:



I know that I'm a generous person, but I don't think I'm parTICularly kind. Tough nut for me.


I was unaware of the store. It was just chance that we stumbled upon it before dinner. Flann had to go in and check out the store. We immediately chatted it up with the store owner and told her what lovely items she had.

It's a busy town, but it's still hard to make a solid living when you're selling decorative items.

The owner took a liking to Flann. And once she heard it was her birthday, without hesitation, she presented her with the crystal angel. A generous thing to do, but also good business sense.


Good point, Matiss.


Your crystal collection is beautiful. There is energetic significance to crystals, for those who believe in the metaphysical, but I don't remember what it is.

When visiting your house, I was more aware of your crystal collection than of the lovely stained glass in the window. This photo really shows it off. Is it a type of water lily? Really lovely.


I don't know what kind of flower that is, PEACE. The stained glass was a gift from a former partner. I'm going to look up the significance of crystals -- I'm certain the meaning is different for each stone.

I mostly like the way crystals reflect light . . . like you do.


The kindness of a stranger is how I met PEACEsista. On that Natalie Goldberg silent writing intensive where we met, she led everyone in yoga. I passed her a note asking her advice about my aching, arthritic wrist from writing so much. She wrote back that I needed a pen with a thicker barrel and then . . . without hesitation, gave me HER pen. I still use it for writing anything that means anything to me.

In fact, the day that I had to have that brain scan because of pale optic nerve, I drove back to my house to retrieve the pen to make certain I had it with me so I wouldn't feel so alone (Matissta was on a business trip at the time).


Flann neglected to mention that the Catties love the crystals also. Often when she is traveling and I check on them, I find that a crystal has been knocked down. The crystals have been located in the hallway, her office, and downstairs.

It's usually a round one. I guess it's easier to bat around and have some fun with.

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