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June 19, 2013


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Yes, I had a great set of six shooters, too, Flann. Complete with a real leather holster, and rolls and rolls of those red caps that would pop when you shot the gun. Or if the gun wasn't handy, we'd take a big ol' rock and hit the little pocket of gun powder to pop those things. In fact, a summer afternoon of fun would be to ride our bikes down to the local People's Drug Store, sit at the soda fountain and use our allowance to order a cherry coke, and then buy a package of the red caps. We'd bicycle back to where the road went over a little creek, go under the bridge and sit on the cool cement, where we'd grab some rocks out of the creek and pop the caps. I haven't thought about that in a long time.

I would add another piece of technology that impeded human interaction - the air conditioner. Before we had an air conditioner, we'd spend all our time outside, and a covered front porch was the best place to spend a summer evening, especially when the thunder clouds were rolling in. Once everyone had air conditioners, everyone became a prisoner in their own homes (though a cool prisoner on those August stretches of heat!).


Example point about the AC, treesta, and I loved your description of where a good set of six shooters could take you. I hadn't thought about my six shooters in a while until I saw these images from 1953, 1983 and 2013.


While taking a shower, I thought of all the things of which I am a BAD example, e.g., I am a BAD example of how to behave in public around the hoity-toity.

I am a BAD example of how NOT to have potty mouth when angered.

There are more, I know. Feel free to detail.


My comments may have more to do with yesterday's post but I don't much cotton to the idea that we have become isolated because of technology. Before TV there was radio. Before radio there were books. Easy to sit around and read a book and ignore the family, but somehow that is treated differently than scrolling news on your IPAD. I think not. Is technology not what allows folks from all parts of the country or even world to wake up and read blogs such as this? I think we can blame a lot of things. In the end, we are who we make ourselves to be. If we are detached or isolated or apart from the world around us, look inward to find the solution. TV and internuts did not make us bad neighbors ( if in fact we are ). However, I do agree that air conditioning has screwed us up entirely. Our bodies do not adapt to nature as well. We have housing developments in parts of the country where people were never intended to live which leads to rivers being diverted into dams so people in the desert can have green lawns. I guess that is off topic. So I will say adios for now.


Well, based on this illustration, noway may have a point. No one appears to be interacting much with each other in these drawings, with each person doing their own thing, even in 1953. Of course, it's drawn from a 2013 perspective and maybe it is the artist's perspective on it always having been that way. I do remember that getting my own record player in junior high caused me to spend a lot more time in my room alone playing albums than hanging-out with the family.

I empathize with your finding your birth year portrayed as the "olden days." More and more often at public social events, noway and I find ourselves to be among the oldest people in the room. Being middle-aged seems to stretch on and on, especially as old age continues to lengthen. But, without any right of passage, one suddenly finds herself on the other side of the divide wondering, "What happened?!"


Well, based on their examples, it doesn't actually seem like the fundamentals have changed too much at all.


"What happened?" is right, PEACE. The most difficult time for me is knowing that I am the oldest person in the room in corporate America . . . and no one is looking to me for any input at all. Thanks for understanding the real point of this post.

I agree with noway's comment. Sitting in my reading chair with an iPhone or iPad isn't any different from me sitting there reading a book while Matissta is less than two feet away.

What would the Sassistas! do without our fans in Wyoming, by the way? Thanks so much for hanging in there with us.


That might be a more interesting article...what are 60 year olds doing in 1953, 1983, and 2013?


The graphic is interesting. I don't know if I'd agree that technology hasn't changed the family dynamics.

Growing up, my family watched TV together. It was usually a variety show, like Ed Sullivan, the Smothers Brothers or Carol Burnett. Something for everyone and time we spent together.

Now everyone has a TV or some sort of personal device (iPod, iPad, laptop) were they can retreat from others, or better yet, ignore. Since when is it so important to have a DVD player in a car to entertain your kids? Or let them plug into their headphones to listen to music, when others are around? What happened to talking?

No one can seem to avoid multitasking these days. I do wonder how this generation will do in the work world. Communication skills will be a challenge.


Peter, I agree with you. The article might be more interesting about what 60 year olds were doing.

Or what Flann was doing in those years...


Sounds like an interesting assignment/post that I didn't have time to tackle yesterday. Also, it's extraordinarily slow in the 'sphere this week. Kind of slows me down, too.


Good morning, everyone. I'm into the 4th day of workshops, followed by 3 1/2 days of workshops next week. There's a reason I never had a desk job. Jiminy Pat. If I read one more educational acronym... We have to prepare for the PARCC by using consistent SLO's while integrating the FFT's into TPD's. I'd much rather be in and out of the 'sphere, using this technology which so isolates us, to catch up with the sista's. Have a good day, everyone!




Oh, treesta, I find the excessive use of acronyms mind-numbing and apparently they have that effect on the 'sphere, too!


Yes, we're SOL for comments, today, PEACE.



I am in a writing blitzkrieg right now and not prone to do much of anything else, but I am so glad that Flannista is doing 60 on 60. I wish the Sassistas would come on out to the Left Coast to give me wise words about my 60th coming up in October. Hardly seems possible. The cicadas are out...again? Was that 17 years ago. Arg...


Hey, barista.

First of all, did you have to look up the spelling of "blitzkrieg"? I'm in the midst of one, too, but probably not as intense as yours. I am handwriting thank you notes to everyone who sent me a gift or card or email or text on my 60th. That's about 83 cards. I've got about 30 to go.

We haven't forgotten about your 60th in October. Go into hiding now.

And this brood of cicadas is NOT the same brood as the ones that made the height of their appearance in Central Pennsylvania the day I was born. It's what they refer to as a "second-glass" brood. Not as widespread, but still NOISY! My brood will appear again in 2021 on my 68th birthday. I'm going into hiding now.

Thanks for stopping by. We miss you.

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