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June 17, 2013


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I think those wicker baskets contain what's left of Phil Mickelson's will to win a U.S. Open.


It's a leftover jack-o-lantern that lights up when they get a hole in one.


Interestingly, treesta, the wicker baskets are a deep red on the Front Nine and more of an orange red on the Back Nine.

Now what would be the story behind THAT?!


No, no. There's a cobra snake in there. No music needed, just shouts of "In the hole!"


Doves are in those wicker baskets. Peace doves. You know, it is the U.S. Open. God bless America and all.


The word in the Code Thingy for my last comment was "army".


You watched golf ... on TV??? Not even red wicker baskets on poles could get me to do that!

To be truly useful, those baskets ought to have an opening, so they could be used to fish golf balls out of water hazards or to hold a lunch, as for those clever shepherds!

Nice to know though that someone is keeping the basket weavers busy. I wonder if they are made in America?


Uh-oh. Matissta kind of harassed me for watching the tournament so devotedly, and now I'm feeling poked by PEACE -- with a basket, no less.


Are we sure Hugh Wilson wasn't part of the Pillsbury clan and wanted to pay tribute to his Grandpappy? Check out the hat.


OMG, Matissta. You're brilliant!

Those baskets are wicker versions of the hat!


Put some cotton 'round them red baskets and we could save the National Park Service a boat load of money:


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