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June 16, 2013


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Sign of the times, I guess.


The Sassistas! know that many in the sassosphere no longer have a father here in this sweet world; and that Sista C lost hers less than one year ago. It will be a sad day for some.

Love to you.


Happy Father's Day to those in the sphere who are fathers and those who have fathers who are still living.

For me, Father's Day stirs up images of my father cooking dinner for those who gathered.


A fun Father's Day tribute on Google today.


We're remembering our dear dads, but mostly, we're celebrating noway!


noway is as good as it gets when it comes to fathers.


Oh, Fathers day dry-rub ribs just went into the oven...2 and a half hours at 275 and 30 minutes on the grill with some wood chips, bones will just melt out of the meat.


Man, I wish I was bellying up to dinner with you all, Peter.


Just back from a Father's Day hike on Turtle Rock Trail at Veedauwoo, in Medicine Bow National Park. Perfect day for it. Diesel already swam in the beaver ponds, but noway is showering instead and then we're off to Peter's for some of those ribs!

Sorry we missed your call, Flann & Matiss. One of these days we'll actually succeed with a facetime call!


We hope so, PEACE. The Sassistas! really wanted to look noway in the eye and say Happy Father's Day.

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