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June 21, 2013


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PEACE told us that she and noway celebrated last night at Pete's as they are headed to the West Coast today to welcome back his twin brother who's been in a foreign land learning some top-secret stuff.

Have a happy time, ya'll.

Say, Pete, what'd ya eat last night?

You got any birthday wishes?


A Happy Birthday to Pete, Emily and Sassley!! I hope everyone enjoys the day!


Good for you, treesta! A comment that didn't contain ONE acronym!



Happy Birthday, Peter! Without getting too personal, how are you going to celebrate tonight? A little line dancing with your gal?

Gotta tell you, I love the cake! Very creative and original.

PEACE and noway have a good time on your trip. A little fun in the sun never hurts.


We celebrated in style last night at the Morriss House Bistro. The owner/chef hails from Louisiana and brought some of his Grandma's recipes to Wyoming with him. Yummo! Peter came from work to dinner, still dressed in a suit. I'm pretty sure it was the first time he's celebrated his summer birthday so gussied-up!

Happy birthday to Sassley, Emily and Emily's sister, too. Enjoy your celebration and I hope that everyone enjoys these longest days of the year.

Congratulation to Sassistas! on 1,600! That's a LOT of posts!


Happy Summer Solstice, everyone. Tonight's party might go on even longer.


Well, I'm going to work pretty soon here...but after work there is a Summer Solstice party hosted by the Chief Deputy Attorney General, maybe a little Fridays on the Plaza action. Then tonight Marty Stuart and the Fabulous Superlatives are playing at the Outlaw, so there will be dancing. But the fun doesn't end there. Tomorrow we are going to the horse races in Denver and having some friends over for pizza and beer in the evening...should be a good time.

Thanks for the Birthday Wishes!

Oh, and last night I had a blistered steak, a salad, and some fried green tomatoes...among a few other things.


Hey, you're welcome, Pete. Sounds like a grand ol' birthday weekend is in store for you.

I would love to see what you look like in a suit, by the way. Lots of folks would like to see me in a skirt or dress . . . if I owned any.


Sounds like you have a fun-filled celebration weekend.

And I could see you in a suit, but not without the cowboy hat.


Hey -- I just remembered how well Pete looked in a suit on his wedding day! So I have seen him in a suit . . . but not without the cowboy hat.


Happy birthday to you younguns, and welcome to the 50 club, Emily!

It's a good month for birthdays. My baby boy becomes a teenager in 8 days!


We're in Monterey now. Party on, friends! It's colder here than in Cheyenne. I'm planning to see the sea otters at the aquarium today. Can't wait!

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