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June 30, 2013


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The real irony of this poem is this: I had to get out of bed to create this post.


Posted in support of PEACEsista who is delivering the sermon in her church today. Here's to living simply on this earth.


I love how Simic anthropomorphizes practically everything in this poem.


"I stop and listen:
Somewhere close by
A stone cracks a knuckle,
Another rolls over in its sleep."

I just love those lines.


Me too, treesta.

How about those "slumbering spiders spinning wedding dresses"?


Have you been looking over my shoulder as I write? At the end of the talk on Everyday Mindfulness, I send everyone off with an Earth Peace Treaty Commitment sheet:


I am leading the whole service today and think I will be about as ready as I can be after I read through the sermon a few more times. I'll report back later today!


"I hear a butterfly stirring
Inside a caterpillar,"

Maybe each of us can attempt to catch one detail of our day as beautifully as Simic did:

Mourning dove coos, a mother's lullaby to the birth of a new day.


Love to stay in bed? In the summer? Nah. The pooch and I know all those dark spaces as we wander around before I am off for an early 9 holes. A rare windless morning. Pelicans on the lake. Antelope on the ridge. Geese and ducks sharing the fairways. Soon the silence will be broken by carts and beer cans. Funny how the magical part of every day is the one with the fewest souls.


Hey all, the service went beautifully. People laughed and cried. I had lots of help and support and I'm happy to have had yours from afar, too.

We are going to take a mindful drive in the Mustang this afternoon ... the back roads to Chugwater. Should be fun!

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