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July 03, 2013


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The Sassistas! wish we were there to help celebrate and/or kill wasps, but I sense that in no time you'd want to drop one of us off near Torrington.


The best step of this recipe is #6.


Some little bird told me that you can't buy any more BBQ sauce until you use up what's in your house, noway. I'm the same way with books.

What's with you and BBQ sauce?


Happy Birthday, noway! My guess is you'll be golfing sometime today in between killing the wasps. Enjoy.

An important pointer, when killing the wasps keep Diesel inside. You don't want him chasing those things while you're on the ladder. Plus he might get stung & have a reaction. Last thing you'll want to do is spend time in an (animal) emergency room.


Happy Birthday, noway!! Enjoy your day. I must say, the recipe for Maker's Mark BBQ sauce sounds very good.


Also, in light of Matissta's 7:55 a.m. comment, noway . . . please do NOT reach for anything in your refrigerator freezer WITHOUT wearing combat boots.


Hey Sistas, thanks for the birthday wishes. I'm sure he will be stopping by the sphere soon.

Noway's birthday is off to a good start. He walked the dog at 4:30, dealt with the wasps and headed out to the golf course. The stock market closes early today and our neighbors are hosting noway's birthday dinner. He asked me to bake a blubarb pie (blueberry & rhubarb) for the celebration.

Sass you later!


Peter -- if you're reading this, it might be best if have your military wound dressing skills at the ready.


In the category of "I-can't-make-up-this-sh!t", late yesterday, when Pachasista emailed me the photos of her adopted feline, Hallie, she also included this photo, saying she found it in the back of a cupboard. I had already written and scheduled today's post and she had NO idea what the topic was going to be:



PEACE, I'm so glad you defined what a "blubarb pie" is. I was certain it was a typo.


Thanks for the greetings. Day off to a good start. I no longer remove things from the freezer without adequate protection. And you are correct. The household edict is BBQ sauce at capacity. Only one solution. And the perfect time of year to do it.
Enjoy the 3rd and have a blast on the 4th. America needs a good party from time to time.

Looking forward to trying the recipe. Will it work with Wyoming Whiskey?


"Wyoming Whiskey"?!

Them's fightin' words, noway.

Sista C

Oh yeah...seems like I remember the Great Debate over Wyoming Whisky vs. Maker's Mark some time ago.

Just wanted to say Happy Birthday to noway and wish him a great grilling day.

That sauce recipe looks delicious, Flannista.


Welcome back to the clubhouse, Sista C. We've missed ya.


noway, I searched for a Wyoming Whiskey BBQ sauce. Doesn't seem one exists. You'll have to try to create your own.

Maybe Pete can join in and help. The trick is not to drink the whole bottle before creating the sauce. Otherwise it defeats the purpose. You'll get sauced, rather than the meat.


Seems like a lot of Maker's Mark to sacrifice for the BBQ sauce, but I'm sure it's worth it...esp. if you can sip Maker's Mark and have it in the sauce, too. Sauced is the operative word.

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