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July 26, 2013


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Yes, it's the last Friday of the month and the mic is open. Step up to share whatever you like.

The Sassistas! are still in Shepherdstown, but will be leaving for home later this morning.

We're listening.


We're back home. I was fortunate to get copies of the two plays we saw yesterday, "Modern Terrorism" and "H2O". I'm so curious to see how the playwrights accomplished what we witnessed on stage.

Both were incredible, incredible plays.


I have never tried to write a play. I do write a lot of dialogue but I've never wanted to write a play. Maybe it was all those years of cuing OLD when I was a little girl. Whenever he got a part, he would take the script and create a cue book with just his cues. We would walk around the woods for hours with me reading the cues and him saying his lines. So I only got to know that part of the play that involved his lines.


Hi, Flann. I'm sure you're going to tell us about the plays. In the meantime, I spent a lot of time this week walking. The only bird I saw consistently was the Mockingbird, so in it's honor, here's one of Mary Oliver's poems:

Deep Summer

The mockingbird
opens his throat
among the thorns
for his own reasons

but doesn't min
if we pause
to listen
and learn something

for ourselves;
he doesn't stop,
he nods
his gray head

with the frightfully bright eyes,
he flirts
his supple tail
he says:

listen, if you would listen.
There's no end
to good talk,
to passion songs,

to the melodies
that say
this branch,
this tree is mine,

to the wholesome
of being alive
on a patch

of this green earth
in the deep
pleasures of summer.
What a bird!

Your clocks, he says plainly,
which are always ticking,
do not have to be listened to.
The spirit of his every word.

~Mary Oliver


Our daughter-in law has a brother competing in the Frontier Days rodeo. He is currently 6th in the overall standings for steer wrestling, which puts him in position to compete in the finals on Sunday, when the top twelve will compete. He could still be knocked out, if there are outstanding times by others in today and tomorrow's rodeos, but we are optimistic that he will get to the finals.

Steer wrestling, for the uninitiated, is where the steer gets a head start from the chutes and two cowboys take-off after him, one cowboy jumps from his running horse to grab the running steer by the horns and pull it down to the ground with all four legs pointing in the same direction. Amanda's brother is the guy who jumps from the horse to grab the steer. Each cowboy gets two tries and his combined scores determine his overall standings.

If that isn't quite enough, Amanda's sister is getting married tonight outside of town. The bride and groom are planning to ride in on horseback from different directions. Dinner will follow at a restaurant on the way back to town. The rest of us will ride in cars!


Your evening sounds fun, PEACE. I'm getting ready to take my granddaughter out for the evening. She wants to eat at a restaurant and go to the movies. So that will be my Friday evening entertainment tonight!


The Sassistas! feel beat up and we know it's because of the two plays we saw yesterday: "Modern Terrorism" and "H2O". I do intend to write about both of them at some point, but my brain is mush. "Modern Terrorism" is a comedy about terrorism. Yes, a comedy that ends up being shockingly moving and human. I have no idea how the playwright pulled it off.

"H2O" is about a relationship between a devout Christian and a pampered, very disturbed Hollywood superstar. You can guess which one ends up having the most conviction. I feel slapped upside the head.


All to say, wrestling steers seems a lot easier than wrestling with these two plays.

Sista C

Well, everybody sounds good and involved with loved ones and interests. Heartening to read. Sorry to put my clunker in the midst of the sphere, but I'm struggling. The anniversary of my dad's death is looming and I find myself grieving much more than I did last year.

Sista C

PEACE, I gotta ask--when do you ever sleep?! You seem to have an amazing life. Always love to read about your living of it.


Honesty is never a clunker, Sista C.

I'm certain the sassosphere would be honored to hear more about your struggle with your dad's death. We're listening.


My heart is breaking for Sista C. I am sorry this is a sad time for you. God Bless You.


Grief has no time table, Sista C. It ebbs and flows in it's own rhythm.


Still listening.


Good morning, everyone. Boy, I've gotten out of the habit of getting up early, that's for sure. Today, I'm off for a day of silent meditation. Sounds like a good idea before going back to work on Monday. I hope everyone enjoys their day!

Sista C

Thanks, you guys, for your support. Missmysista, thank you and Treesta for your kind words--and Flannista for offering an ear.


You're welcome, Sista C. It's hard to know how to respect boundaries when someone is grieving because we all grieve in our own way (and actually, is there any other way?). If you want to call, please do. It's a major cleaning Saturday for me (meaning, on my hands and knees, Murphy soaping the hardwood floors throughout my small home). All to say, I woke up with tears in my eyes because I was dreaming about my dear Isaac -- and he left this sweet world 4 and a half years ago. The heart is so fragile, so resilient.

Also, I don't know anything about much of anything anymore. All we can realistically do when the losses come -- and they will continue to come -- is to just shut up and listen.


PEACEsista sent a photo of the bride and groom arriving at their wedding ceremony on horseback and asked me to post it in the sassosphere:


The Sassistas! discussed what we might arrive on if we ever tied the knot and we decided on pogo sticks.


treesta -- you know I love ya more than my luggage, but I've got two words for you (and forgive me, Sista C, for bringing up a fear of yours):



Two words for me:



My eyes caught this phrase as I was glancing through the headlines today:


It was in reference to Anthony Weiner and why his comeback faltered. We're all weary of forgiveness and only ONE butthead can run again for office after falling from grace. This year it's Spitzer.

I don't even care that I don't care about Weiner or Spitzer, though I'd drop everything to hear Westsista's take on it all.


I have no idea what it means that I'm listening on my iPod to "Smashing Pumpkins" this morning -- their really, really heavy metal phase. Probably because it's a heavy cleaning day.

GOOD NEWS: Scout has taken her medication every day this week. The key is mixing it with a little tuna fish in oil. When she hears me open the frig, she's right there, waiting, even though she's already taken it.


The last time I was in MouseLand, my current TRM nemesis asked to have lunch with me. At one point she asked, "So tell me, how did you come out as a lesbian?" I was a little taken aback by her question, but surprisingly, she seemed to be sincere. So I told her the story which I had actually forgotten and it was a gift to remember it, truth be told.

She asked if Matissta and I would ever get married. I looked at her and said, "I don't know, and face it, I'm difficult."

"Oh, tell me about it!" she replied, without hesitation.

Sista C

With that bad knee of yours, you probably don't need to be on your knees for much of anything, Flann.

Clown school. Talk about a terrifying imagining.


Sorry again about throwing an image of a clown into the sassosphere. Picture that Weiner clown, if that helps, Sista C.

And yeah, I just finished the kitchen and bathroom floors. I use my feet to run the sponge over the tiles. I should be in one of those freak side shows at the county fair.

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