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August 04, 2013


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Westsista posted this comment early this morning on our last post, but I wanted to also copy it here for this post so you wouldn't miss it:

Hello friends - thank you for being with me. I am writing this on a bed in a Motel 6 in Kansas City. My trip was spectacularly smooth, which I credit to all of you and others sending me energy this weekend.

I really wish I was here visiting Bob instead of his friends.

Important airport tip - do not wear your new metal-decorated T-shirt on your plane trip. It causes a big ruckus.

We're all still sending our love and healing energy, Westsista.


I would like to thank my oldest sister for sending me a lovely card that included this Jane Hirshfield poem (that I had forgotten about -- I already own this volume of poetry) after she learned that Bob had died.


Late yesterday afternoon in an email, PEACEsista forwarded to me a reflection written by a man serving a life sentence for murder. Included in that reflection was "The Gatha on Impermanence." Seems appropriate to post it here:

The day is now ended. Our lives are shorter.

Now we look carefully at what we have done.

Noble community, with all our heart,

Let us be diligent, engaging in the practice.

Let us live deeply, free from our afflictions,

Aware of Impermanence, so that life does not

Drift away without meaning.


West, we are indeed with you and thinking of you. Don't let anyone tell you what emotions you should or shouldn't express. You've lost a dear friend. F them if they don't understand or approve.


Dear, dear Westsista, Thank you for making the journey to honor Bob. There are legions of us standing with you ... only from afar. I know there will be stories, smiles and laughter today, because Bob's life was filled with those things. And there will be tears ... because it is too great a loss of light in the world ... all at once.

I offer a deep bow, West, for your commitment, friendship and love for Bob. I know that I shall always continue to see him in your eyes and heart. _()_


Am back from church where I offered prayers for Westsista and for the repose of Bob's glorious soul.

I echo PEACEsista's gratitude for making the journey to honor our beloved Bob.

We are here. Listening.


Just heard from Westsista. It is "raining like crazy" in Kansas City.


Thank you sweet friends. As Carole said, today's rain is because of angel tears. I am finally crying too.


I checked out the weather radar in Kansas City, Westsista. You're not kidding about those HUGE, HUGE, HUGE angel tears.

We're here, listening.


West: thank you so much for being there. Thinking of you. Love, Just


I am thinking of you all, and add my humble prayers to all of those here.


Westsista about 15 minutes ago texted a "selfie" to me. She looks beautiful.


So grateful for Westsista.


A Red Ravine blog that Bob contributed much of his time to published a special post about him yesterday. Here is the link:


"How is it that the richness of life requires us to know the poverty of despairing times? Does it work like salt on cantaloup or watermelon? The saltiness makes the sweetness that much sweeter as death makes life more precious."

What a wonderful metaphor, half-a. Just beautiful.


Thank you for sharing the link, Flann.

Bob lives on in his words and in our hearts.


Westsista shared with me that about 200 folks attended Bob's memorial service; "lots of laughter and tears". She felt taken care of by Bob's beloveds.


I am so grateful to have been able to go, and so relieved to be home.

Feeling deeply humbled to be connected with such wonderful friends, including Flann who was with me every step of the way, all of you here - Matissta, Justista, PEACEsista, treesta and Frida. And Ryder and Sharyn and my sisters, and other students of Natalie's, and Facebook friends, and calls, texts and emails - friends from work, and Bob's people who are now my friends too.

A lot to process and I just want to sleep for a long time and hibernate in a dark warm cave for awhile. Unfortunately its work for me tomorrow, that while lovely, is not at all conducive to hibernation.


Thank you. Deep bow. Thank you.


So relieved, too, that you are home, Westsista.

I woke up like I usually do about this time, and had to check to see if you had made it home. You are very welcome for everything. Wish I had a dark warm cave for you. Ease back gently, okay? xoxo


Glad you're home, West. It's understandable that you're wiped out. It was both an emotional & physical trip. Try to decompress.


Deepest gratitude, Westsista, for making the journey to honor Bob and for keeping us close to you along the way. I am holding you in the warm dark cave of my heart. It's the place where the only light shining is love.

Blessings to you my friend. Go SLOW.


Good Lord, do I love the phrase, "the warm dark cave of my heart"! What safer place to be than PEACEsista's heart?


I got to spend some time in Bob's house yesterday
afternoon. I took a black T-shirt, that purple sweatshirt he wore all the time, a flannel shirt and a Christmas decoration for a tiny tree. I want to buy the house and just stay there for awhile.

One of his friends is going through his things, and removing his writing, to give to another friend in his Kansas City writing group. She will review to see what can be published or shared or whatever.

I am grateful for these devoted and cherished friends.


Gosh, Westsista, I remember that purple sweatshirt. So glad that you have it.

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