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August 12, 2013


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I also got a new shower curtain liner.

I'm tellin' ya, things are lookin' up.


I like the way they match with your tea kettle, Flann. Well played. Kind of like 'In the Kitchen with Dave'. Are you doing your happy dance?


That would be "In the Kitchen with DAVID", treesta . . . NEVER, "Dave". He's a professional, as you know.

No happy dance yet this morning. That's asking a lot from me on a Monday.


I stand corrected. We must give David his due.


Soon you won't just be watching "In the Kitchen with David," you'll be cooking!


The Sassistas! and treesta actually discussed making crabs or clams (I mean, what IS the difference when you get right down to it)? and having some sort of seafood feast at my house. We'll need the dish towels and cloths for sure.

Speaking of food, I picked up that prep-stuff I need to take for a colonoscopy (not for another month). It was 88 bucks. The dish towels and cloths were about $20. There's no justice, I tell you.


Flann, I must confront you on your dish towel section. A tad conservative, no? I would have thought you'd be a bit more adventurous.

Now these make a statement.


Dang, Matissta.

Wish I had known about these. I could have practiced for my annual eye exam.


Yay, don't hesitate to use these new dish towels with gusto. I'm sure they will be on sale again at Target in 10 years. As for the shower curtain liner, I will be particularly encouraged if you replaced yours instead of cleaning it. I can highly recommend the practice. Life's too short.

I have the Rx to make my first colonoscopy appt. I suppose I should honor you by making that call. I love you, Flann.


This just in from my pastor friend:

"Thanks for the heads-up re. towels at Target. Have needed some new ones, but dragging my feet--now they're ordered!"

Is there a God or what?


babysis -- I'm replacing the shower curtain liner instead of cleaning it. Remember my friend, Genevieve? When her appliances got too dirty, she simply replaced them. We're talkin' refrigerators and stoves. Seriously.

My colonoscopy is scheduled for September 19. Schedule yours around the same time, babysis, so we can be miserable together. Matissta needs to have her first one this year, too.

I love you, babysis.


babysis, I cleaned my liner but bought a new shower curtain. What does that say about me?


noway and I are celebrating our 36th wedding anniversary today! He has already spoiled me with a card, dark chocolate and flowers. What do I have for him? ... A card. Worse yet, without remembering it was our anniversary night, I agreed a couple weeks ago to sleep-over at church tonight with two homeless families. Ooops! He is a good man and is taking it all in stride.


Oh dear, PEACEsista.

Can noway pretend to be homeless so he can sleep with you?


Congratulations, dear friends!


Dark chocolate?

babysis will keep noway company.


PEACE and noway, congratulations! That's quite an achievement, but I'm not surprised. You two are a great example of a successful couple.

However, Flann shared with me that Peter is backpacking with some buddies. (Today is his anniversary as well.) Please have noway speak to him, because it will take more than dark chocolate to make it up to his young bride.


Matissta is correct. Peter's young bride has posted on Facebook that she is alone today, too . . .


Pete is taking a long-planned backpacking trip in Wyoming with his cousin, Will. I know that Pete will make it up to his lovely bride in some wonderful way. She is far from being alone, surrounded by horses, catties and all.

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