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October 14, 2013


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I appreciate, more than I have the energy to say, those of you who continue to check into the sassosphere while it is so still and quiet.

Every day, I go to a local playground and I swing for 10-15 minutes. Down and up. Down and up. Wind and movement. Down and up. Wind. Movement.



A sincere request:

What brings you joy? Gratitude?

Please post.


I bet you're all grateful that I'm not wearing the 801's in these photos.


Are the 801's your bright-as-can-be shoes?

I'm contemplating joy and gratitude. Maybe I should go out on our swingset for awhile.


So much. So much. This instant, hearing from you sweet Flann, brings me gratitude. My daughter, who has been through so many troubles but is learning things about herself and asking whether her memories of things in her childhood were what she thinks they were-grateful!
I am so completely blessed (by who or what I don't know) that the list is endless.


Thank you, Pachasista and Justista.

I'll post a photo of my 801's later, Pachasista, to give you a reason to be grateful that I didn't wear them in this photo.

Justista -- grateful to hear about your daughter. I know your journey with her has been challenging, heartbreaking and -- in ways that defy understanding -- gratifying, for you.


I hope when I look back on these last few years, I'll be able to see them as falling into the sky.


Well, hello. Love the poem. Paused for a moment to remember that feeling... of leaning back as far as I could... swinging my legs as hard as I could... feeling the wind created by my own movement... and at the highest point... jumping out of the seat of the swing... and into the air...

Joy? Reading 'Room on the Broom' for the 25th straight evening with my granddaughter, and watching her laugh as if it's the first time she's read it. Watching my son turn my front yard into a vegetable garden. Like Just, hearing from you, Flann, here and now.

Gratitude? Quiet moments of grace. Private conversations about nothing of importance or everything of importance with my son. Walks in the woods, and the health to enjoy them.


Gratitude ... this human life ... just having one, how did I get so lucky? And joy? Opening my eyes to greet another day. What good fortune! These friends ... having done nothing to deserve such treasure, or the abundant tenderness and joy they bring me.

Tomorrow night, full joy with a full moon ... a monthly gift from the universe. On Cable Lake, floating under the late August full moon I had an epiphany. My life was complete. There was NOTHING else I needed or wanted from it. I felt free and at peace. I had a clear knowledge that if I were to die in that moment (or any moment after) it would be alright, because I had already lived a full and wonderful life. I felt complete. The moon waxes and wanes, but the feeling remains.

A full moon was my mother's favorite natural wonder. It is now mine. Seeing it fills me with great joy and gratitude. I touch my mother in the moonlight and thank her with my whole heart for the gift of this "one wild and precious life."


We have been sick. And tired. And struggling with family shit. So we have been way off the sass stream. But I am very happy to see your feet and hear you. Love to all.


Dear Frida - sorry about the sick and tired and the family shit. Sorry for all those things, but happy to know that you are still out there. Take good care of yourself.

It is good to see your feet Flann, on the ground or in the air!


Gratitude: turning 60 and feeling glad to be alive and still creative and imagining more chapters in my story. Joy: returning to a sense of God's presence through Ignaician practice of Awareness Prayer. Just off the top of my head...more to come.


Gratitude: for indoor tennis (a great invention!) especially when the temperature outside drops below 40 degrees! Joy: for the pals who show-up to play the game with me year after year, decade after decade.


Feeling a bit joy-challenged today. Grateful for my cats, those I love, friends, the sassosphere, family, sisters, mom, Carole, work, steady paycheck, healthcare.


West - it is a solid JOY to see a comment from you! Grateful for your friendship.


Good morning, everyone. It's a joy to hear from PEACE, West, frida, and barista as I check in this morning. Thinking of Flann & Matiss as I get ready for work.


I just finished a poem with the idea that sadness is like licking snow. So John said, you mean it's not nourishing and is cold?
No, it's that our bodies remember things before we have words and these things are connected to feelings...like emptiness and fear and longing. And love. So that is where I am and glad to hear the names of the Sass.


RG3 plays with courage. Manning plays smart, but not machismo. Play life with courage.


Peter -- your comment perked me right up. Thanks so much.


Thinking of Flann and Matiss and treesta and Peace and Noway and Half-a. Especially of Half-a and everybody else...it's getting cold here again. And dark with the end of daylight savings time. But what glorious colors in the trees today!

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